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The Website

My motivation for creating this website largely came from a book I wrote and published called Tourette Syndrome and Music: Discovering Peace Through Rhythm and Tone (Rollinson Publishing Co., 2014)


It's my music auto-biography, and it's an extension of a short story I wrote in 1992 called, "Rhythm Man."


Since that time, I have seen more musicians with Tourette's sharing their stories, and I'll be posting information about them on this site as well.

Hi... I've wanted to promote the idea of music as therapy for Tourette Syndrome for many years. I've had it since I was six, and fifty years later, I believe with all my heart that music offers amazing curative properties for helping just about anyone deal with Tourette's.


It's not suggested as complete replacement for medication or various therapies, but it certainly offers great potential as a suppliment to your on-going regimine. 

David R. Aldridge

If you are a musician with Tourette's, I'd like to hear from you and ask you to share you story here. If you are just interested and curious about music as therapy for Tourette's, I hope you find the site useful as a resource, and I welcome your suggestions for its improvement.


Thanks for checking things out, and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.



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